Home inspection

Why is home inspection necessary? 

Home inspection is an essential clause in the Agreement of Purchase and Sale that permits the buyer to hire a professional inspector to inspect the house for any vital defects.

These defects may relate to the wiring of the home, defective pipes, faulty heating systems, plumbing problems and issues with regard to flooring and roofing. Home inspection addresses to these issues and should be taken seriously. If ignored the cost of repairs required in the house may be very high.

Home inspection will provide the buyer with the following:

    • It educates the buyer about the condition of the house;
    • It provides the buyer with a list of repairs including time frames, the costs involved and other recommendations.
    • It discloses conditions that are not readily visible or understood by a non-technical buyer;
    • It reduces the liability of the realtor

It gives the home buyers a better understanding and more information about the property they intend to purchase.

If the home inspector’s report highlights defects in the property, the buyer has an option of cancelling the deal or continues with buying the house with a less price.

So buyers, beware…do not ignore home inspections…