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Why do you need a Will?

Do you know that if you die without making a will (intestate), the laws of the province will determine the distribution of your assets? This distribution may not be as you would have wanted if you had a Will. ┬áHaving a Will allows you to ensure that your assets are distributed to the persons you want to. It is a legal document that tells your survivors the manner in which your properties, land and assets are distributed after death. It helps in smooth transfer of your possessions and assets to your loved ones when you are not there. If you don’t leave a Will, or you don’t plan properly, you can create big problems for your loved ones after your death.

A Will would generally cover the following:

  • Who will be the beneficiaries?
  • Who will be the guardian for your children, if they are minor?
  • Who will execute and carry out your wishes.


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July 9 2015