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Express Entry

In January 2015, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) will start a new electronic system called Express Entry to manage applications for permanent residence under certain economic immigration programs.

Express Entry will manage applications for permanent residence under these federal economic immigration programs:

1. Federal Skilled Worker Program

2. Federal Skilled Trades Program

3. Canadian Experience Class

This Program will be launched on January 1 2015.

New Canadian Citizenship Rules

In June 2014, new Citizenship Act came into effect. There are many changes to this new law. The most important change is the time period you must have lived in Canada as a permanent residence prior to applying for Canadian citizenship. Under the new rules, a permanent resident applying for Canadian Citizenship must:

  • A permanent resident must have lived in Canada for 4 years out of the last 6 years( currently it is 3 years out of the four year period)
  • A permanent resident have also been physically present in Canada for at least 183 days (6 months) each year for 4 of the 6 years.
  • An adult will pay an application fee of $300.00 which is currently $100.00.
  • Must meet language requirement;
  • Must pass knowledge test to ensure they are fully prepared to participate in Canadian society.

This change is expected to take effect in 2015 with dates to be announced soon.

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December 11 2014

Conditional Permanent Residence for Spouses

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) effective October 25th 2012 has amended the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations (the Regulations) with regard to sponsored spouses, common-law or conjugal partners.

According to the new regulation, the sponsor and the sponsored will be subject to conditional permanent residence if they were in a relationship for two years or less and have no children together. The sponsor and the sponsored spouse must live in the genuine relationship of two years from the date the sponsored spouse receives permanent residence status. It they do not live in that relationship, the sponsored spouse’s status may be revoked. This conditional permanent residence applies to those whose applications are received on or after October 25, 2012—the day that the amendments came into force. This condition ends after two years.

There is an exception. You do not have to live in the relationship for two years if you are abused or neglected by your sponsor or their family.

Under conditional permanent residence, the sponsored spouse has the same rights and benefits as any other permanent residence, which means they can work and study and have health coverage and social benefits. If the relationship breaks down, the sponsor remains financially responsible until the end of the three-year undertaking period, irrespective of the cause of the breakdown.

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December 3 2014